UK Area Code information for 01926

Warwick Area Code Allocation

Ofcom has allocated the 01926 area code to service Warwick and the surrounding area on at least 2 exchanges.

The Residential Area of Warwick

More about Warwick?

Warwick comprises postcodes covering roughly 22,394km2 containing 2,225 commercial properties and 42,772 domestic properties.

Warwick Exchange Information

Warwick CMWARW

The Warwick exchange has 615 commercial and 12,894 domestic properties.
Adsl Max
Fixed Rate
Wbc Fixed Rate
Wbc Adsl 2+
Wbc Adsl 2+ Annex M
Some postcodes covered by this exange include;
CV34 4NA
CV34 4XN
CV34 4XW
CV34 4YT
CV34 4ZZ
CV34 4YU
CV34 4YY
CV34 4ZD
CV34 4ZS
CV34 4ZW
CV34 4JE
CV34 4UW
CV34 4JA
CV34 4AE
CV34 4ND
CV34 4YE
CV34 4HS
CV34 4UJ
CV34 4JB
CV34 4NB
CV34 4HE
CV34 4HT
CV34 4HY
CV34 4HJ
CV34 4HH
CV34 4JR
CV34 4HP
CV34 4HL
CV34 4HD
CV34 4UT
CV34 4HU
CV34 4EX
CV34 4JD
CV34 4JY
CV34 4XG
CV34 4XF
CV34 4ST
CV34 4NF
CV34 4HR
CV34 4BT
CV34 4EU
CV34 4NE
CV34 4LH
CV34 4UQ
CV34 4SU
CV34 4HA
CV34 4EY
CV34 4EJ
CV34 4EZ
CV34 4SS

Leamington Spa CMLGS

The Leamington Spa exchange has 1,610 commercial and 29,878 domestic properties.
Adsl Max
Fixed Rate
Wbc Fixed Rate
Wbc Adsl 2+
Wbc Adsl 2+ Annex M
Some postcodes covered by this exange include;
CV32 5ED
CV32 5HS
CV32 4QA
CV32 5JY
CV32 5EN
CV32 5ER
CV32 5HT
CV32 5DZ
CV32 5EZ
CV32 5EW
CV32 5EF
CV32 5DY
CV32 5EP
CV32 5EB
CV32 5EE
CV32 5EJ
CV32 5EA
CV32 5JS
CV32 5EQ
CV32 4QD
CV32 4BX
CV31 2SA
CV31 2SB
CV32 5JZ
CV32 5HE
CV32 4DA
CV32 5EG
CV32 5EH
CV32 4BT
CV32 5JX
CV32 5DX
CV32 5LF
CV32 5LG
CV32 5LB
CV32 5HD
CV32 5JP
CV32 5HH
CV32 4AR
CV32 5HG
CV32 4DB
CV32 5LD
CV32 5AD
CV32 5HA
CV32 4DD
CV32 5LA
CV32 5DJ
CV32 5PW
CV32 5QB
CV32 4XH
CV32 4XJ

Companies Operating 01926 Numbers

The following list of companies have been licensed by Ofcom to operate geogrpahic numbers in Warwick. It is worth noting that most, although not all, providers other than BT (or possibly Virgin, Kingston Telecom, et al) are are likely not operating fixed line services to this locale and, as such, should not be seen as providing a legitimate fixed line geogrpahic service to Warwick;

3C Ltd
Affiniti Integrated Solutions Ltd
Alnitak Gmbh
Aloha Telecommunications Ltd
Andrews & Arnold (Numbers) Ltd
Api Telecom Ltd
Aql Wholesale Ltd
Aql Wholesale Ltd
Atomstream Ltd
Barritec Ltd
Barritel Ltd
Bicom Systems Eurl
Broadcast Telecom Ltd
Buzz Networks Ltd
Calltracks Ltd
Cfl Communications Ltd
Cheers International Sales Ltd
Colt Technology Services
Content Guru Ltd
Core Telecom Ltd
Daisy Communications Ltd
Digital Mail Ltd
Digitech Solutions Global Ltd
Easynet Enterprise Services Ltd
Edge Telecom Ltd
Entanet International Ltd
Flextel Ltd
Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd
Hello Telecom (Uk) Plc
Hemshore Ltd
I-Net Communications Group Plc
I.T Communications Ltd
Icc Networks Ltd
Ihub 2 Ltd
Inclarity Communications Ltd
Inet Telecoms Ltd (Voipfone)
Internexus Networks Ltd
Invade International Ltd
Invoco Ltd
Invomo Ltd
Invosys Ltd
Iovox Ltd
Ip Base Ltd
Ipv6 Ltd
Kalnet4U Ltd
Known Communications Ltd
Level 3 Communications Uk Ltd
Linear Telecoms Ltd
Localphone Ltd
M247 Ltd
Magnetic North Software Ltd
Magrathea Telecommunications Ltd
Mars Communications Ltd
Media Hawk Ltd
Minotaur Telecom Ltd
Mundio Mobile Ltd
Nationwide Telephone Assistance Ltd
Net Solutions Europe Ltd
Net-Work Internet Ltd
Nexbridge Communications Ltd
Nexus Telecommunications Ltd
Nfon Uk Ltd.
Nodemax Ltd
Numbergroup Network Ltd
Numbers Plus Ltd
Orbtalk Ltd
Phone Co-Op Numbering Ltd
Radius Communications Ltd
Redcentric Solutions Ltd
Resilient Plc
Served Up Ltd.
Simwood Esms Ltd
Six Degrees Unified Comms Ltd
Sky Uk Ltd
Solutios Ltd
Spitfire Network Services Ltd
Starcomm Ltd
Suretec Systems Ltd
Syntec Ltd
Talktalk Communications Ltd
Telecom2 Ltd
Telecoms Cloud Networks Ltd
Telecoms World Plc
Teledesign Ltd
Telephone Box Ltd
Teleware Plc
Telng Ltd
Telxl Ltd
Tgl Services (Uk) Ltd
Timico Ltd
Ttnc Ltd
Verizon Uk Ltd
Virgin Media Ltd
Vizion Communication Ltd
Vodafone Ltd
Voiceflex Ltd
Voicehost Ltd
Voicenet Solutions Ltd
Voip-Un Ltd
Vonage Ltd
Voxbone Sa
We Love Communications Ltd
Windsor Telecom Plc
Xoverx Ltd
Yayyay Ltd
Ziron (Uk) Ltd

Broadband Connectivity Type Definitions

Different telephone exchanges have different broadband connectivity depending on their geographic location, the consumers they serve (demand and composition of those consumers) and the competative landscape in that locale. As a result there is a mix of services and related performance which BT classify as follows;

Fixed Rate

There for three fixed rate lines; 512Kbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps. As with IPStream 500, 1000 and 2000, these have an upstream capped at 288Kbps. Note that all of the other WBC products apart from these are strictly rate adaptive (like ADSL Max).

WBC Fixed Rate

Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) offers high-speed, high-performance broadband services.


BT's original ADSL2+ wholesale product with an option of an upstream cap at 448Kbps or no cap at all. ADSL2+ can achieve up to 1Mbps upstream.


ADSL2+ (also known as 21CN (21st Century Network) and WBC (Wholesale Broadband Connect) is a high speed broadband service which offers download speeds of up to 24Mbs and upload speeds of up to 1Mbs.

WBC ADSL 2+ Annex M

ADSL2+ Annex M offers up to 2.5Mbps upstream in the UK. This product is used by many businesses who could previously only find this level of upstream bandwidth with SDSL. Note that there is no option for a capped upstream with this product.

FTTC Range A (Clean)

FTTC Range A is a range where the circuits are deemed to be free of any copper line faults, and any local wiring issues (in a customer's premises). This range is often very wide for both upload and download, and does beg the question of why a copper line fault may exist without being fixed.

FTTC Range B (Impacted)

FTTC Range B is a range where circuits may have copper faults and/or internal wiring issues at a customer's site. The term impacted could be useful, as sometimes crosstalk is mentioned as something that impacts on line speeds, but there is no official word from BT on whether either Range A or Range B take into account the effects of crosstalk.

FTTP On Demand

Fiber to the home (FTTH), also called "fiber to the premises" (FTTP), is the installation and use of optical fiber from a central point directly to individual buildings such as residences, apartment buildings and businesses to provide unprecedented high-speed Internet access. FTTH dramatically increases the connection speeds available to computer users compared with technologies now used in most places.