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What are Area Codes for?

The UK fixed line telephony network has, since its earliest days, been split into Area Codes. These were originally (pre PhOneDay) representative of the exchange to which the phone was connected. After PhOneDay (finally released in 1995) this regime was broken and then further diluted in 2000 with the Big Number Change which saw the introduction of 02 numbers representing geographic locations in major conurbations in the UK.

As a result of the various changes made by the GPO, Oftel and now Ofcom, it has become increasingly difficult to track down where a geogrpahic number originates. As a result we have produced this handy tool to allow you to navigate the complex world of UK telephone numbers. This site provides easy to use navigation tools to locate the number for a geographic area or an area for a number.

All the data on this site originates from Ofcom, so you can be sure it is up to date and reliable. We then add our own expertise from many years in the UK telephone industry to translate the techno-babble into easy to understand, easy to access information including usgae, number range ownders and call costs.